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Buying a Vaccum Cleaner at Godfreys

I read the story of how Godfreys, the Australian vaccum retailer shop is competing with Dyson . Here's our first-hand story of experiencing Godfrey's customer service. Whenever I decide to buy some thing, I list down our needs first, then go shopping for a product that would fulfill our needs. ​For the first time, I was obsessed with a brand i.e., Dyson, the vaccum cleaner brand (cordless, light-weight, long stick, 15 minutes non-stop(!) vaccuming). Their marketing department has done a great job promoting it as a tehno-marvel and creates the illusion that it is the best vaccum cleaner ever made in the universe. As we developed a allergic reaction to dust ( only after coming to Australia ) from carpets and the cheap vaccum cleaners did not help much, we decided to buy the best powerful vaccum cleaner to clean our house. We set aside some money over few months and went shopping. We (wife and I) went to a big, white goods shop to buy the Dyson vaccum cleaner. It was about

The Old and Faithful - My First Car

Having a reliable car that doesn't give up on you at critical moments is a blessing, I say. By luck or some blessing, my cars always have been reliable at least to get me out of trouble. I bought my first car, which was a 1995 Mitsubishi Magna v6 for $2000 just after I got my driving license in Hamilton, Victoria. My housemate kindly agreed to travel with me by bus to help me choose a car in a second-hand car yard in Ballarat. With a limited budget, we narrowed down to a small, red (eye candy) car and a Mitsubishi Magna v6. We chose the shiny light blue Magna as it mechanically sounded better than the eye-candy, red car. In 2009, I was told that you would need to pay at least $5000 to get a decent, second-hand car in Victoria. We drove the car back and I felt good to drive and it had more power to the cars that I drove during my driving lessons. In this Magna, I learnt to drive without anyone overseeing me. Before getting this car, I used a mountain bicycle (push-bike or a