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An Inconvenient Truth

"By far, the most terrifying film you will ever see.", proclaims this movie's trailer . Certainly it does a terrific job. We went to see the movie on the opening week. But, it was all booked out. First time (in Adelaide in these 17 months!) ever I have seen that a movie is all booked out. We had to come back disappointed. Then came the free tickets right behind us. Carbon Planet , in conjunction with the Solar Shop and Desert EcoSystems offered free tickets to me and four of my friends to a very special (FREE) screening of the movie. Thanks guys for the movie, snacks and drinks! Al Gore just wakes you up and asks you to take some action NOW. I think that is the most useful job he can do right now. He chose the Cinema as the right medium. In a typical hollywood narration, Al Gore blends his personal setbacks with his lifelong commitment to advocate the effects of global warming across the planet. With scientific facts and stunning , glorius animations he narrrates the cl

Top Strategies for Successful Job hunting

Image courtesy: Read this story on rediff Job hunting? Top strategies . This article highlights the common pitfalls that almost every job hunter undergoes and elucidates best strategies for job hunting to end up in a well paying job. So, what are the effective tips.. 1. Joining a professional association - In my opinion, this is a big habit everyone must get used to. Attend business meets / conferences / networking dinners etc. 2. Yes for (sensible) Orkut - Find people who share similar interests with you. Network and ask tips from people whom you would like to work with. 3. Attend college alumni meets - Or find your old friend and just e-mail saying "Hello", get to know what they are working on. 4. Register with a recruiter/job consultant - just in case to check if your application, CV etc are up to the standard, required industry format. 5. Do your own research - try by all means. Devise your own strategies. If something doesn't work, quickly chang