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How to make money with Stock Photography (SP)

Last week, the following photo was bought by a buyer for USD $10.13 (approx AUD $14). This particular photo has earned me over USD $100 since I uploaded it in 2009. Not bad, hey? I am glad that I uploaded this to a Stock Photography site instead of keeping it hidden within my Hard Disk. Closeup of Zebra Stripes  If you are curious, read on and I will show you how to make a 'passive' income with stock photography sites. Stock Photography may not make you rich overnight.I am saying 'may not' because, it actually depends on the uniqueness and quality of your photos. At best, I have sold a photo for USD $850, that's a story for another day ;-). Starting with Stock Photography is very easy. Here are the three basic steps to get you started.  1. Pick a Stock Photography site (or many once you are comfortable with one) such as Dreamstime, iStockPhoto, ShutterStock. I suggest starting with Dreamstime (referral link) because their application process is eas