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The Curious Case of Mr.Thirumurugan Ponnusamy

Here is another self-boasting blog post. Well, it is my personal blog, what else would you expect people? Since my childhood, I thought (still I think) I was different. I see things differently. When given a problem, most probably I would think of some stupid solutions, but they will be quick and easy to work with. I believe there is nothing in the world you can not do. Anything can be done. No limits. Some of these statements will annoy my friends, but that's how I am. If I am into something, I will do a pretty good job or I would get out of it asap if I can't make a difference. I think I am good at creating a 'good boy' image. I wish I can match the image. I wouldn't buy a thing just because others have bought it. I will buy only if I think it is necessary. Even if it means I have to stand alone in a crowd. I care less about everything. But, I give more importance to people than materials. What will you do when you see a long lost friend in a market? I

20 things that I learnt working for others

Working in a company/office has its advantages. You come across different kinds of people and you can learn so much about life from them. You encounter same kind of stereotypes wherever you go. Following are the things that I learnt in my previous jobs. How you appear is most important than how you perform in your job. Remember to create a professional image all the time; learn what's going on in your industry; speak them up whenever you can. How you communicate is more important than how you do the job. Any job will become a routine, mundane job after some time. You need to stretch yourself to make it interesting. If you can't do it, then quit. Always have some ideas up your sleeve to tell your manager on how to improve things. Take responsibilities when offered, they are the pathway to move up the career ladder. Come at least 5 minutes earlier than the office start time. You can go home on the dot. Use Emails more often than phone. You have got a written proof when

Kids and Grand 'Kids'

I like listening to kids (4 and below) and elderly people (70 and above) - grand 'kids'. I believe they have very beautiful stories to share with me. The guys and gals in between, no offense but you all are plain boring (myself included). Let me try to explain why. We have lost the real of joy of living; enjoying the present moment without worrying about what's coming next. When a person smiles and waves at you in the streets, you look them suspicious as if they come looking for your money. We search for money, relationships, love, power, recognition and everything else at present. We postpone present happy moments for 'future happiness' that may not arrive. Endless search for some things that we think we don't have. We never satisfied with what we have. While at office, we would be thinking of home and while at play, we would be worrying about next day's troubles in office. We are all searching for something with so much greediness that we have forgotten ho

But, I thought they were for

If you are a shy person like me, you would understand this. I never ask anyone about anything. I assume things (partly because I am an egoistic Engineer). Sometimes I am right but most of the times I would be wrong. I will list some of the common misunderstandings I had as a child. I forgot many of those stupid assumptions. As a kid, I thought the moon was following me wherever I go. Even when I started running, it would follow me. When people were electorlocuted (touched a live electric wire), I thought their blood will boil, evaporate and then they woudl die eventually. I thought God would be watching all my activities and listening to all my words (lies). My parents told me so and I believed. I thought the elevators / lifts are for disabled and old people who couldn't climb up the stairs. I thought if you hurt an ant, in your next life, you will become an ant. That ant will become a human and it will hurt you. Same pinch. After seeing some hoardings showing "Contact: 834

108 things I wish to do in 2009 (reviewed 30.Nov.2009)

First things first. I wish a happy, healthy and wealthy new year to you, your friends and your family. May you get all the things that you wish (be careful though) for in 2009. Here is a challenge for myself. I wish to do the following 108 things before 31st December, 2009. Let us see how many I complete. I am planning to update this list as I progress through each of these things. I have never tried many of these things before (for eg. marriage) and I am excited and thrilled. I dont tell what I wish to do even to my close friends (except with the one friend). I think 2009 is going to be a big year for me in more than few ways. I will add more details to each and write blog posts how I am doing / not doing with each of these at later dates. The status as per 31.Jan.2009 is within brackets. Blue - Not yet started. Orange - Doing something about it. Green - Done, Yay! Watch F1 race in Melbourne (Yay, Done!). Remember to wish people on their birthdays (Marked all the birthdays