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How to think Creatively?

Dave Pollard, in his blog " How to Save the World " lists twelve exercises to train your mind to think creatively! I just give you the points (and my comments!), for details you know where to go! Meditation: Dont try to force your mind to sit idle. Just follow your thoughts. Reconnect With Your Senses: Close your eyes and smell things; touch and feel things to guess what is that! Reconnect With Your Intuition: This has worked humpty number of times. Analogies and Metaphors: Metaphors are more than words. They can break or make a situation. Careful with the right kind of metaphors. Conversations and Interviews: Share your thoughts. Ask questions. Listen. Synthesis, Distillation and Restatement: Try to redefine the problem. Erase all your thoughts. Imagine you are an alien coming up to earth and starting to discover everything! Reading (and Writing) Fiction: Read. Write or at least Think. Never restrict your mind. Psychoactiv

Best Commercials 2004

Courtesy: Epica Awards This is the one thing I never miss to watch out for, every year! Here are the winners of 2004. EPICA Awards - Europe's Premiere Creative Awards VALIO YOGHURT "VALIO YOGHURT FOR A LONGER LIFE" TELECOM ITALIA S.P.A. "GANDHI" (I had posted this before as a nominee film) EVIAN MINERAL WATER "WATERBOY" (Do not forget to turn on the speakers!) - Music CHARAL MEAT "THE RACE" HONDA DIESEL "GRRR" (Honda's "Hate Somthing, Change Something" epic!) - Music (Won the Best Commercial of the Year) TOTAL PETROL STATIONS "LULLABY" ('You wont

It is Zen!

Courtesy: John Polozzolo , A young monk walked up and down the bank of a wide, swiftly flowing river trying to decide how to cross it. Soon he noticed a person on the other side of the river who was a great Zen master. Thinking his troubles were solved he cried out to the wise master, 'Great Teacher, how shall I get to the other side of this river?' The master called back, 'You are already on the other side of this river!'

Nobel for 1000 women!

( How about giving Nobel Prizes for 1000 women . Well, it not need take 1000 years to do that! The project "1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005" came about as a response to the neglect of sustained efforts by women all over the world in building peace. The website of the 1000 Women for Peace ( ) lists 91 women from India. Nominations for the list were sought in 2003 and were gathered from all over the world with the help of 20 co-ordinators; more than 2,000 women from 153 countries were proposed, the international project team selected 1,000 of these candidates. The official nomination letter was handed in to the Nobel Prize Committee in Oslo on January 27, 2005. A book of the 1000 peace women demonstrating the work and visions of 1000 women is being produced KONTRAST and internationally published in English by Scalo Publishing , Zurich, Switzerland, by the end of November 2005. I will buy a copy

Now Poms, take this!

A few weeks ago, the English media and Aussie media were ripping Ponting's men literally. Now, it's payback time. (English media:"You bunch of drips" - The Daily Mirror ,  "Vaughan again losers"  - The Sun, "New era but the same white flag" - Nasser Hussain in The Daily Mail. Already, emails are being circulated tormenting the "Poms" (English) cricketers! Here's a sample!  Q . How dominant is Australia's No. 1 fastbowler?  A. Well, most people in England think their opening batsman's real name     is Trescothick B McGrath .    Q. What is England's best chance of a win in the second test at Edgbaston?  A. Telling the Aussies the match is at the Oval.    Q. Heard about the new Ashes trophy?  A. Yes, if England lose another series they're going to keep the bails     and burn the players instead .    Q. How bad is the English batting?  A. Well, the selectors are thinking of moving Extras up the batti

What Greg Chappell can do?

(Courtesy:AFP & Cricinfo) Less than 4 days. India will take on Srilanka and it will be the first assignment for Greg Chappell. As usual, out of nowhere, I saw a book written by none other than Greg Chappell, himself "Cricket:The Making of Champions"(2004) - A revolutionary approach to learning, playing and coaching in the 21st Century. The book didn't disappoint me. Just 5 chapters to differentiate what 'extra things' separate an ordinary player and the likes of 'Sachin Tendulkar'. He has observed few (23 players from last 50 years!) great cricketers (Donald Bradman, Sunil Gavaskar, Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting, Muttiah Muralitharan, Graeme Pollock, Vivian Richards, Garfield Sobers, Sachin Tendulkar, Shane Warne, Waugh brothers and some more!) and listed out their characteristics! They have created a website and posted their observations and got feedback from many experts to list out a strategy for 21st century cricket coaching.

Polymer Currencies

(Pic: The Australian currency is not made of paper. Here, polymer currencies (kind of plastic) are in use.Securency, the company behind this, is recognised as world leader in polymer substrate technology and the supplier of materials for the printing of banknotes. First plastic currency notes (of denomination $5) were introduced in Australia before 13 years in this same month of July. In 1996, Australia became the first country with full series of circulating polymer banknotes. Primary advantages are 1) the currency notes lasts much longer than paper currencies 2) very difficult to counterfeit notes and 3) more security features can be embedded. They are friendly to environment too! You can see more advantages at List of countries those have adapted / adapting to polymer currencies: Australia, Bangladesh , Brazil, Brunei, Chile, China, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nepal , Northern Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Romani

Five Golden Rules of Wealth

(Pic: 1) Money comes to those who save. 2) Money multiplies for those who invest it. 3) Money stays with the person who entrusts it to wise people. 4) Money is lost when invested in things with which you are not familiar. 5) Money is lost at a fast rate by pursuing get-rich-quick schemes. From the best-seller ‘Richest Man in Babylon’

Copyright: Emma Hack many of us knew about 'body art'. Not many..! How many of us know 'how to appreciate them'. I hear 'Yes', 'Yes' from all around the corners! Emma Hack, the body artist from Adelaide won international acclaim over the past decade. Her latest exhibition, is going live at Tin Cat Cafe, Kent Town (July 12 - August 21). For those unfortunate ones who can't visit, have a look at her amazing galleries, online .

The Lord of the Kings!

Courtesy: Indiatimes.Com Read this story on Indiatimes (Times of India, New Delhi edition!) that bollywood producer Bobby Bedi is planning to make the epic Mahabhrata into a trilogy on the lines of "The Lord of the Rings". Well, having watched the trilogy again for the 9th time (this weekend recently) I am afraid to hear the news. I have no grudges towards bollywood filmmakers (although, they strive hard to make 98% of movies non-digestable, bombers at the box-office!). But, the sheer passion that went into the Peter Jackson's work is beyond measurable. He spent 8 years on the project. Here are the consolations. Director: Mani Ratnam. Script: Girish Karnad Cast: Sharuk khan, Aamir khan (surprise, surprise, both khans!) Rani Mukherji (Who else, Draupathi) The dream looks magnificient. I hope the movie comes out like that!

Potential Singapore!

Forum , originally uploaded by anitabora . Watched Anniyan movie yesterday! In a scene, the Director shows Singapore as an example (comparing to the size of Bangalore city!) Director Shankar must have been in coma for the last five years. There are many 'Potential Singapores' emerging (problems exist, still!)..Indian Cities are growing, but I agree with the people's lackadasical,care-free approach to the problems like corruption. Thanks Anita for such a wonderful shot of Bangalore!

Finding Home!

Last week, I was searching for a home in the city (decided to move to city!). I called few people who advertised for want of housemates. One day, I went to see a house for which a lady (owner?) had arranged an inspection. To my surprise, she was not lady; she was a girl in her twenties. She is an aussie girl, who is studying (and working as well). She told her boyfriend has moved out last week and she is searching for a housemate. Over to the conversation…. She:First, a couple of quick questions! Me: Yes! She: Do you smoke? Me: No She: Are you scared of dogs? Me: No (Noticing a black dog which is tied behind the doors!) She: Do you have girl friend? Me: (what question is this?) Well, I have been here for just 4 months.. (what answer is this?..I am from India…Errr… She: Oh.. India? Then ‘Namaste’ (She bows her head and says ‘Namaste’ with both hands!’) She (again): oh, well your girl friends are in India? Me: No, I don’t have girl friends (what she would think if I say, I dont have ‘gi

Google Sightseeing!

(Pic: Google Sightseeing ; Google Maps ) Google Sightseeing, a blog run by Alex Turnbull, James Turnbull & Olly Jackson, posts some of the interesting places on the earth from the satellite's eye. Courtesy Google Maps & Google Earth! I found this Maree Man post when I passed. "Ploughed into the Australian outback in 1998 (by persons still unknown), the Marree man is a 4km figure of an aboriginal. It’s faded into the desert quite a bit now but the shape (and size!) is still quite apparent. Wikipedia says that it was probably created using GPS and earthmoving equipment. There’s a good page here which discusses the possible reasons for creating the art work." - Posted by Alex

What Edison told?

(Pic: I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others... I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent.... I readily absorb ideas from every source, frequently starting where the last person left off. Because ideas have to be original only with regard to their adaptation to the problem at hand, I am always extremely interested in how others have used them.... A good idea is never lost. Even though its originator or possessor may die without publicizing it, it will someday be reborn in the mind of another.... I am not overly impressed by the great names and reputations of those who might be trying to beat me to an invention.... Its their 'ideas' that appeal to me. I am quite correctly described as 'more of a sponge than an inventor....' Copyrighted © 1996 By Gerald Beals

Festival of Ideas Update!

(Pic: "Ideas are the currency of our information age - they challenge the present and build our future." The festival has began . I attended the talk, "Shaping sustainable future: What you can do now" by Ian Lowe, Griffith University. Some of his remarks are really striking very hard. Sustainable future - whose concerning about it anyway? Government? People? What about people of third-world countries? Will they sacrifice their economic aspirations for environmental concerns? We tend to give more importance to short term goals, but what about the long term future of this planet? If you are not worrying now, then when? We talk, sensationalize the killings of 100s of innocent people by terrorists (due apologies), but for 100s and 100s of years, many more 1000s are 'killed' by poverty, without having anything to eat! We crave about desifner gadgets, designer clothes etc. What about the breathing air, drinking wate

It's London for 2012 Olympics!



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Waiting for Harry Potter!

(Pic:Amazon.Com) Can a book climb to the top spot on the 'best-selling charts' even before its release? Possible, only in Harry Potter's magical world! For a muggle like me, I need to start from the basics here! . I read the "Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets", after seeing the movie. I think it is a clever move to push the sales by 'pre-ordering' of a book to avoid the piracy market which would hit once the book is released. A good thing is "Harry Potter and Half-blood Prince" will also be available (on the same day!) in Brailey form and large prints for visually impaired harry fans. Really a Good one!

Earth Live!

(Pic:JPL RECREATION CLUB) How many people born/died today, this hour? How much oil is consumed this year till now? How many Cars / Bicylces / Computers produced in this year? Such live statistics (projected based on the previous years' data!) can be found here

What Don't We Know?: 125 Questions

(Pic: Science Magazine ) If you are bored this weekend about how to spend time alone (or in a group) this post is for you! Science journal has ranked the 125 most compelling scientific questions for the human kind. Each one will stimulate your thinking, I bet. Some are just mind-boggling (What Is the Universe Made Of?), some are interesting (Are we alone in the Universe, How and where from life arise?) and some are too big (Do Deeper Principles Underlie Quantum Uncertainty and Nonlocality?) for a common mind like me. Here’s my top 10( comments are mine ): 10. How do planets form? – so we can create a planet in an artificial way 09. Is there--or was there--life elsewhere in the solar system? – will they communicate (or can we understand them?) 08. How do organs and whole organisms know when to stop growing? – may be we can ‘induce’ short people to grow tall! 07. What Can Replace Cheap Oil -- and When? – Another most pressing / annoying envieonmental issue 06. What are the limits of