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Dont go out Kittie

Neither I dislike pets nor do I hate them. We have never had pets at home in India. My grandma didn’t like it and my mom didn’t like it, so we didn’t have a pet at home. It is an old saying that ‘Soldiers like Dogs and Artists like Cats’. I am not sure if I fit into either of those categories but, I like kittens and puppies more than their adult versions. Pets have always seen me as a friendly person, I am fortunate that way not to receive any bites from any of the pets I have encountered with. When I moved to the current house, my housemate asked if it is OK for him to have pets. I replied affirmative as long as I don’t encounter a big, fiery dog. But, the pet turned to out to be a black cat. Neither he was a cat nor was he black. I would rather call him a kitten and brownish black. I asked if the kitten has a pet name but, my housemate said he had forgotten to think of a name. He called it simply ‘Kittie’. My housemate’s way of taking care of pets is just ignoring them 90% of the ti

good things and not-so-good things

One can tell about a person by knowing about his/her friends. But, you can also tell about his/her friends by observing the person. If a person has some good qualities, part of the credit should go to his friends. If he has bad qualities, again the blame should go to his friends. His friends should have told him that something is wrong; which also would have given him an opportunity to correct himself. Friends should be like mirrors , they should reflect our good qualities and bad qualities alike and immediately. Not two days later or two years later. I am not a person who openly tells compliments to people. I am not very comfortable in telling any negative things about a person. This is really bad, because there is no use in keeping them both to myself.  I wanted to change this . I started writing emails to my friends with some good things that I like in them and some not-so-good things that I didn't like in them (that I wish they could change or improve). When we let them know t

Missing a town named Hamilton

'..So, tell me about the life in Hamilton', asked a friend. I replied, 'Hamilton is boring'. I knew it is a lame statement. I thought if I had the right to say it that way. When I landed on one of the coldest, dark winter night at Hamilton , I never thought I would last a month here. No one will be seen at the streets after 5pm. The temperature would reach below 3 degrees and you will see nothing but fog. But, 18 months later, when my visa ended prematurely, and when I had to go back, I felt very sad to leave the town of Hamilton. I never worried about leaving Adelaide or never gave a damn about leaving Australia without see some of my dream destinations. Leaving Hamilton, and thinking I may not come back here was really hurting. The town of Hamilton is like a poem written in a foreign language. The foreign language that you hardly have seen or heard before. For any outsiders and newcomers, it will look like an ordinary (postcard) country town. For that matter, every