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Happy Mothers Day

I have the meanest mother in the world. I had to eat breakfast everyday and take homemade sandwitches to school. I had to eat dinner at the table and eat all my vegetables. I had to finish my homework before dinner, stay at the table until everyone had finished, say "please" and "thank you" and use the names of the people I was addressing. I had to wash and dry dishes, make my own bed and even keep my room tidy. On Sunday, I had to go to Sunday school, read books and play board games with my siblings. And who do I thank for this? My mean mother. Happy Mother's Day to all the mean mothers who set a standard of behaviour and a pattern for living. Courtesy: My 'mean' mother written by Judith Bond, Glen Alpine, NSW. Appeared in "Letters to Editors", The Weekend Australian Newspaper, 13th May 2006

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"Life is just an incredible journey. Yes, it is beautiful and incredible. Don't loose the sight of your destination but also, enjoy every bit of the travel." Keep walking - the title of this blog chosen wisely or in a careless way to say you need to keep walking - take actions without worrying about future outcomes. When you do a job to the perfection, the outcome is supposed to be perfect. The blog provides tips on how to live life, technology and things to make life easier. You will be surprised by the diversity of the content delivered by the blog. Usually, twice a week new posts are published. You can Subscribe in a Reader . 

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Name: Thiru, Murugan, etc Full name: Thirumurugan (precisely!) Contact: I prefer emails Gender: Love being a Male Birthplace: Kallakurichi (Salem) Home: which I miss most Height: 162 cms (approximately??!!) Eyes: hm..i think its black.. Hair color and style: Black, originally - now going brown. Hope it wont turn white! Simple and straight.. Thunderstorms: Disturbs the enjoying the rain fully What is your zodiac sign: Scorpio Have you ever been in love: silly, question.. I am in love all the time! Is the glass half empty of half full: I have to fill other half..! A song that describes yourself or that you can relate to: Have to write one.. Are you a rightly, a lefty or ambidextrous? Mr. Right Have you ever saved your chat conversations: No, not yet spoiled that much! *********** The Future************* Home: In Delhi? Future son's name: ummmmmm Future daughter's name: aaaahhhhh **************Have you Ever************* Broken the