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How do you discourage terrorists?

Mumbai rocked by terror attacks, ATS chief, 80 killed 28 killed in Iraq bomb blasts 17 BOMB BLASTS ROCK AHMEDABAD , 29 DEAD I have been thinking about this blog post since the Bangalore / Ahmedabad bomb blasts in India. Terrorist attacks are nothing new, it's been like this in the developing nations for over a decade. The world took a serious note only after 9/11. No country is safe from terrorism/terrorists. A few weeks ago, I was talking (listening) to retired police officer in the regional victoria. He said, "The traffic and crime are people's problems. If people are vigilant all the time, no incidents would happen. Only a few men can't make it happen". Terrorism is also a people's problem. No Government / Secret Agency will help us to predict such activity. It's about finding answers to the questiond 'How do you stop terrorists/terrorism?', 'How will you and your family react to an act of terrorism?' and 'Do you have a plan in p

14 Tips from My 80+ Grandmother

Nearly 90, my Grandma is going strong. She is my mom's mom. I am already feeling sad because, I may lose her one day. Many of my values, habits were hard-coded in me by my grandma. Nowadays, I wonder how many young kids have the opportunity to listen to grandma's stories every night. I have learnt so much from her and here are the tips that she has told us from time-to-time and I try to practise every day. 1. Travel and see new places because that is the only way you will learn about others. The bonus is  that you will discover more about yourself. 2. Keep faith in God, but prepare well for school exams. You won't probably get good grades because of prayers, but you might not fall sick on the exam day. 3. When you go in a group (cinema/hotel), always pay for yourself. This will avoid conflicts/heartbreaks later. 4. Read something every day, choose any subject and read. 5. Do not eat junk food (you know the ones, the biscuits, fried etc). Don't. 6. When some

Doing an Astrology Check

When do you go to an astrologer? Yes, the one who predicts what's coming to your life. When you are confused, when you are presented with two equally-good choices, when you are tired and stressed out or like when you are feeling exceptionally curious. I have decided to get a sneak preview of what's going to come in my life by going to an astrologer. It doesn't matter what I am going to hear, good or bad things, I take them as such. I am not going to worry much about what's coming as I always encounter them when I face them. I am not a big fan of 'Daily Horoscopes' but, skimming through a weekly, monthly and yearly predictions is what I enjoy (and forget). If the predictions for my starsign (zodiac sign) is not good, I read all the others and choose the best one for myself. I got the following report which describes my character based on my birth date and time. Let us do a check. The most unique feature of a Kumbha (Aquarius) man is his progressive nature.

Finding a good friend and losing sleep

I do not make friends easily. Maybe because, I had changed over 8 schools in 12 years, and I had to make friends quickly and forget them too within a short period of time. Maybe I was an introvert for most of my childhood; now I am getting better. I have very little friend circle who are close. Of course, I have a very large shallow friend circle (from blog/online networks). It doesn't mean that I ignore the later group. When I am talking to a friend, I would try to be attentive 100%. I won't even take any phone calls (unless someone is dying on the other end). I have always wondered why we like some people and not others. No, don't say that 'D' word. When I get introduced to someone, I stay distant from them for a few meet-ups. But, I don't know the exact moment when they become close friends or not. Even I don't even know why some become close and others. I have observed this even with my online/blog friends. There is only handful of them I am in touch wit

Armchair Touring with Google Earth

If you haven't seen the Street View on Google Earth, you were living in the dark for the last 1 year. It adds great value to the 2-D/3-D maps. You can look around 360 at an address on the road. Even my home is clearly visible as we are on a highway. View Larger Map 75% of major Australian highways and towns are covered by GE's street view. What about India?

Personal Blogging:Is it dead?

Just few years ago, everyone started to blog. Their passion has certainly died out slowly and if you check out the stats, I am pretty sure 90% of the bloggers have abandoned their blogs. The reason why I started this blog is very simple - just to write down my thoughts and opinions. I wanted no audience, still I don't know honestly who is reading my blog. When I look at my earlier blogging days, I had the urge to blog everything. I passionately look for something to blog everyday. Now, I think if it is really going to benefit my readers. So, what should you blog from now on? If something is useful to others (not your dad, mom and friends - send them an email, instead), blog it.If you have a big friend's circle and keep them updated about you, you can write a weekly/monthly update on your blog. You can write customer reviews for the products that you use - honest opinions really help your readers. You can write travelogues of the places you visited - write a complete guide wha