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Random things

4 stages of blogging Stage 1. When you start a personal blog, you would want to blog everything that you see, hear and read. After all, you have started your own Persnal Media. Stage 2: When you gain an audience, you dont know what your audience wants. You think twice before you start to write something. You don't want to look stupid for writing such a silly post. Stage 3: Social applications take up most of your sharing / bookmark type of posts. It looks like it is hard to write anything other than your own life. Stage 4: You haven't written anything in your blog for a looooooong time. Now, you have learnt the art of blogging. ----0---- On the other day, I was talking to an Indian who told me about the Japanese style of outsourcing. When negotiating for a deal, it seems that the Japanese would want to achieve these three things from their business partners: 1. Products/ Services of highest quality 2. Lowest price gurantee and 3. Quickest