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Learning a second language - Participating itself is a Win!

Short version: Vishnu has won an award for participating in a Tamil competition conducted by the Australian Society of Graduate Tamils (ASoGT) ( ). Many thanks to ASoGT and  Thaai Tamil School Inc  for helping Vishnu learn Tamil. In a world where winners only are celebrated, participation itself is a big win when it comes to bilingual learning. Long version: "Appa, I don't think I will get a prize!" Vishnu said it to me after seeing few of his peers recited a Tamil poem flawlessly in the  Australian Society of Graduate Tamils ( ASoGT) annual literary competition. Growing in an English environment, Vishnu took weeks to memorise and practise the recital, performed it bravely with his low-pitched voice, standing in front of a panel of 5 judges and 30+ spectators. There were many students who put in great efforts and recited the poem fearlessly in a high-pitched, oratory style that made Vishnu think his performance was n