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International Women's Day

"There is no Mother's Day without them. There is no Father's Day without them. There is no Children's Day without them. There will be no life without them. Yes, today is the day to celebrate Women!" Often, I have rejected the idea of having just a day for Mother or Father or anybody. But, the idea is to make a pledge on this day, to remember them on other 364 days of the year. So, don't think that Mother's day is just a day. Mother's day comes like a new year day, to keep you reminding about taking care of mothers for the next whole year! Ok, being a male, I tend to observe women. My mother, sister, relatives, friends and even women travelling, walking, passing all over (Some online friends as well through their writings!). They always amuse me in many ways. Generally, women tend to be sincere, make a sincere attempt towards any thing before giving up. Women practise patience, unlike boys who are always in a shifty mood. Women take a long time