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How can you generate a Complete A-Z list of your Blog Posts?

Here's a quick way to create a list of all your blog post headings with links to the corresponding posts. It is a nice way to summarize what you have been writing in your blogs. So, how do you it? Use a free tool available named "Google Sitemap Generator" at Type in your URL and uncheck any thing ticked. Check if you have the "Load from server" on. Click the green arrow button. Once it is finished collecting all the weblinks from your blog, go to "Sitemap" and save sitemap --> select csv file. Use a notepad's "Find and Replace" to convert all the lines to the common format blog post title Thats it - a nice list is ready for you to post in your blog or sidebar or even with 12 Best Desktop Wallpapers from Flickr 31 ways to use your blog 5 Movies I like to watch... 50 Coolest Websites 2005 A Dream a mail and few words! A Poem A Story: Ant and The Grasshopper a tamil video A Welcome Note! Adelaide Festival of Ide

12 Best Desktop Wallpapers from Flickr

I have found these nice collection of wallpapers from flickr. All rights to the respective photographers. Point to Download here --> and Right-Click ---> select "Save Target as" Some images are bigger than the windows vista standard 1600 by 1200. You may use a image resizer to fit your screen resolution. (photo by Яick Harris download here ) (photo by chefranden download here ) (photo by extranoise download here ) (photo by wili_hybrid download here ) (photo by 1LB download here ) (photo by ericskiff download here ) (photo by CyboRoZ download here ) (photo by Orin Optiglot download here ) (photo by hungry_i download here ) (photo by Luís Vieira download here ) (photo by Matt McGee download here ) (photo by aja download here )

What a shame!

(Courtesy: Oh, my goodness. Bob, we are very sorry! Who would've thought it would end like this. First, they said it was the stress that taken the life of this man. Now, it is called a murder. They say, it might be an angry mob - or an angry fan - I disagree with this view. I strongly believe that there is a network of baddies involved in this tragic event. Allegedly, Bob Woolmer had told to the media that he would unearth the 'ugly politics behind Pakistan Cricket'. A magnificent cricketer, skillful coach - we are ashamed that we could not help you in your last moments. I pray that the guilty would be found and punished soon. Not another such event in the name a sport, please!

I like slide!

Though I had heard about slide , just today, I created an account here. There is a way to use your photo stream in flickr - but I could not do that. I have to try again at flickr to see if they are asking my permission for slide to use my photos. Slide people have provided easy ways to integrate into many of the blogging / social networks sites. You can view, subscribe or publish my slide from this address Enjoy!

How do you change Photo Page Layouts in Flickr?

From today, flickr offers 6 layouts for your photo page (4 available for free account and 2 for pro users). The layout includes small sized images (with or without any sidebar) or medium sized images (with or without sidebar) - I like the above layout - the medium sized images look very cool and clean. Once you are logged into flickr, visit your account page to access the layout feature and change it as per your likes. or follow these steps: 1. Click on You --> Your Account 2. See under Personal Information --> Your photos page layout --> click on "edit" 3. Choose the layout you wish and that's it! Flickr has also introduced a new feature called "collections" - a "set of sets" feature for pro users, where they would be able to create a master set for their sets.

How to fool the Traffic Cameras?

(pic courtesy: how to make your car invisible to traffic cameras ) We usually joke around painting the car with an invisible magic paint to escape the traffic camera flashes. Now, a similar product has arrived in the market named, "photoblocker spray" that the marketers promise to make your car invisible to traffic cameras. Would be hard to believe it, but here is the story. Actually, you need not paint the whole car - instead just spray the solution just on the number plate (still, the number plate would look perfect for human eyes!). When the traffic light flashes to capture your license plate, the picture would be overexposed making it difficult to identify your car number. It costs US$29.99. Fancy that?

My bet is on Australia!

With two warm up matches got over, the World Cup 2007 cricket fever is slowly gripping the spectators. Australia, Pakistan and India were comfortable in beating their opponents in those matches. Just because, England and West Indies were the loosing teams doesnt mean they would be very weak in the future games. India starts the campaign with a match against Bangladesh then comes Bermuda and a good team of Srilankan players in the third and final league match. Australia in a similar way starts with a no-match against Scotland and another one against Netherlands. But, there comes a cracker of a contest when South Africa meets Australia in the third match. Having scored 433 runs, Ricky Ponting would have thought - it would be an impossible way to loose, but Gibbs and Smith showed how a team can chase 400+ runs comfortably to a sweet victory. I am looking forward to it and yea, I am with Australia!

CopyCat Tamil Actors

myHeritage has a cool new feature. You can upload your photo and then it searches for similar, look-alike celebrities and provides a beautiful collage. I did a simple experiment taking some photos of Tamil actors and - the results are below for you to see. Disclaimer: This is a result of simple face recognition algorithm and I did not influence the results (apart from providing the face photos). You can download a compressed file (.zip) of these images from esnips and publish them in your blog. But, I need a linkback (copy and use this Thirumurugan ) to my blog as a courtesy. You can also try own your photos at myheritage . Rajinikanth Kamal Hassan Vijayakanth Vijay Ajith Surya Jyothika (Notice Aishwarya and Kajol?) Danush Silambarasan S J Suryah Simran last but not the least, Vadivelu Isn't this cool?

I prefer Snail Mails!

(Pic via Yogeesh) That picture is from the recent Australia Post campaign - " If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter ". I exactly believe in those words. With emails and instant messages - no wonder, we can communicate things instantly. But, when you receive a letter (hand-written, snail mail) - from a person at an unexpected moment, it just blows away the person. I have tried this many a times. When my other blog celebrated its first anniversary, I sent handwritten letters to my regular blog readers. They felt really happy. Even, this blog has recently completed two years (jan 2007) and it contains about 250 posts. I am thinking of offering something for my regular readers (if there are any?). Anyway, thats the message from me. Write a snail mail - add a special, personal touch!