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Australia Day

Australia Day TL:DR - In Australia, we help each other even if they are strangers. Mateship is ingrained in our Australian culture. This happened on an Australia Day, few years ago. It was supposed to be a short drive on the beach at sunset. 8 people from 3 family with few children went on two vehicles (an Ute and an All Wheel Drive). The plan was to get-off the road, onto this remote, almost-empty beach and drive for few kilometres and get back home for dinner. After driving into the beach sand for few hundred metres, the Ute that went in front of us did not move any further and its wheels started spinning. Without a proper grip on the soft beach sand, the wheels of the Ute spun so fast and the vehicle dug itself to the ground within few seconds. Wheels of our car, began spinning too. But, I asked my friend, who was driving it, to stop accelerating and get out of the vehicle. We released air from the tubes (reduced the tyre pressure to half) and started the car. Now,