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The Curious Case of Mr.Thirumurugan Ponnusamy

Here is another self-boasting blog post. Well, it is my personal blog, what else would you expect people? Since my childhood, I thought (still I think) I was different. I see things differently. When given a problem, most probably I would think of some stupid solutions, but they will be quick and easy to work with. I believe there is nothing in the world you can not do. Anything can be done. No limits. Some of these statements will annoy my friends, but that's how I am.

  • If I am into something, I will do a pretty good job or I would get out of it asap if I can't make a difference.
  • I think I am good at creating a 'good boy' image. I wish I can match the image.
  • I wouldn't buy a thing just because others have bought it. I will buy only if I think it is necessary. Even if it means I have to stand alone in a crowd.
  • I care less about everything. But, I give more importance to people than materials.
  • What will you do when you see a long lost friend in a market? I would prefer to run away unless he / she is a very close friend (or they see me first and give me a wave).
  • If someone says something can't be done, I will try it first.
  • For me, the world works on an equilibrium. Things that you lose will come back to you. Robbers will be robbed, my money will come back to me. So, I don't argue / bargain most of the times.
  • I talk too much (if you haven't found out already) on what to do. I need to do at least half of what I talk.
  • I would always try new things. New tastes, new experiences, new people, new blah..blah.
  • I change my decisions quick and fast. If situations change, I change my decisions. I thrive on change.
  • I see the world as a perfect one with only few, negligible flaws. I believe all the people are good, they have been good to me at least.
  • I will get bored by routine tasks. If you ask me to turn up exactly at a same place, same time for the next 7 days, don't expect me there on the second day. My married life wont be a pleasure, I bet.
  • If you ask my opinion about something on two different days, my answers would be different. That doesn't mean I am not dependable. I would've grown/changed that much.
  • I learn good things from my friends. I unlearn bad things from my friends.
  • I hate mediocrity. Either I want the worst thing or the best thing - nothing in between.
  • I am good at listening. I would like to listen. This is why I have got more friends than anyone else in our friend circle.
  • Oh, I almost forgot this - I won't advise anyone unless they ask for it. Some of my friends think that I do not care for others, but I think everyone should mind their own life unless they are making a terrible mistake and don't know how to get out of it.
  • I will not be hurt if you tease me or say bad words. Simply I would not accept it as I would never accept any compliments. I know how good or bad I am.
  • I wont get angry at all. I forgot when I was angered last time. May be the day, when my father refused to get me a bicycle at age 15.
  • I am good at letting things go. I know if something is not mine, it wont come within my reach how much ever I try. If it is, then I will be led to it.
  • I believe my future will be always good, things would get better as it has been.

Never mind all the above statements, I would change myself so often these may go irrelevant in a while. Are you confused enough? If you have a blog/notebook, do such a list or keep to yourself. Doing a self-discovery is a great exercise.

I have started writing this a few weeks ago, adding now and then. Then, I retook a personality test with Personal DNA (Result: Considerate Inventor; when I checked an year ago, I was a faithful inventor - look, i have changed!).

You might want to start from discovering your Personal DNA.

P.S:- In case if you haven't noticed, Blogger allows you to Follow this blog (on your left column, down below), and I will follow your blog if it appeals to me (works for the blogs hosted on only). If you have a personal blog and would like to follow me, send me an email :-).


Anonymous said…
WOW! I can relate to half the points! Especially the running away part from friends and changing my decisions from time to time! :P

Awesome list! You have given me an excellent post idea. :) Thanks!
Devi said…
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