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55 Prompts and Triggers for Blogging

Here is a list of questions and prompts on which you can write a blog post on.

Feel free to use these ideas and happy blogging.

Personal Rants:

1. What were your new year resolutions for 2007 and how far you are to them now?
2. If you can invite any celebrity to your home (they will come certainly) for this Christmas, who would that be and why so?
3. Have you traveled to another country? What are the amusing things you observed in the new country?
4. Looking back in your life, tell us about the best year that you ever had.
5. Are you a morning person or evening person? When do you get most things done?
6. What do you want in life? Use simple words and personal goals that you wish to achieve in life.
7. Do you keep secrets within you? To whom will you share your secrets?
8. What do you think of Modern Art? Do you believe they convey 'some thing'?
9. Write a 100 things about me post and keep them as 100 one-liners.
10. Which is your favourite poem or song that you read / listened before this moment? Why do you like it?
11. Do you believe in GOD or a superpower or higher power?
12. Do you think kids of this generation has lot of tools to learn? Do you think that they are most vulnerable to dangers?
13. What do you think of 'Dating on Internet'? If a friend asks your advice, will you advice FOR or AGAINST?
14. Have you tried a different hairstyle anytime? What were your friends' reactions?
15. Which is your favourite food / cuisine? Why is it so? Do you want to try any other exotic cuisine that you have only heard of?
16. What do you want to change in your life and why?
17. Describe a typical Weekday and a Sunday in your life and the activities that you do
18. If you have to write your Autobiography, how many chapters it will have? Give us a list of topics. What will be the title of your Autobiography book?
19. Right now, how do you feel? Describe it.
20. What are your predictions for the next year?  List the things that are likely to happen in your life.

List Posts:
(The 5/10/20 is just for guidance, you can choose an odd number if you wish)
21. How do you manage your money? Give us 13 tips.
22. How do you solve a problem (any problem)? Where would you search for a solution? Do you ask friends, search google or how do you start with? Write a step-by-step plan.
23. What are the last five things that you bought and write short reviews for each one.
24. Give us some tips to organize our life - on saving time, doing things right most of the time.
25. What are the 5 positive things that you learnt in this life?
26. List 10 of favourite books (movies / songs) of yours and in tell why do you like (each one lesson).
27. What 5 bad habits that you can not tolerate in your friends?
28. What are 10 DO's and DON'Ts that you learnt at the workplace?
29. What are the few things that you are afraid of?
30. List 10 good friends from opposite sex and tell us why they are good friends and what qualities you like in them (You can name them anonymous)
31. What are the bad habits that you wish to give up?
32. Who are the 10 most valuable people in your life? Why do yo think they are valuable?
33. Write about 10 things that you like and 10 things you hate
34. Start a meme based on a number - 13, 21 or 43. Or even places or persons.
35. Post 10 funny and interesting websites that you found
36. Write a list of 10 gadgets that you can not live without.
37. Write about 10 people who are not alive but you would like to meet.
38. Write a list of 10 cities / places / countries that you would love to visit.
39. Post a list of 'You know you are __________________, when you do" things. Be really funny.
40. 10 happiest moments in your life so far. Ask you readers list theirs as well.

Political Posts:

41. Do you think USA is behaving like the World Police? Do they have a moral responsibility to take that power? Which country do you think is suitable to do this job if not USA?
42. Do you think time travel is possible? If possible which place and time you would like to visit?
43. Do you believe in Astrology and reading the future? Will you go by the predictions?
44. Have you tried "Law of Attraction" that says whatever you like and wish, reaches you? Did it work for you or not?
45. Do you think we are too much worrying about Climate Change? Do you believe everyone would be able to make a real difference?
46. Do you think the world is becoming a better or worse place to live? Why do say so?
47. If you are given access to all the resources, how do you eliminate poverty from the world? What will be your plan of action?
48. Do you think the developed countries should help the poor countries? Or should the poor countries need to develop themselves?
49. What do you think of the MNC's who make use of cheaper labour prices in developing nations? Do you think every job in future will be done other than your country?
50. What do you admire / hate about politics and politicians?

Imagine-If Posts:
51. If you will be granted 3 wishes by a Genie, what will yo ask for?
52. What is the one adventurous sport that you wish to try knowing that you will be very good at it?
53. Have you given a thought about heaven and hell? How will they look like?
54. If you can start a charity, what cause will you choose to address and why?
55. If you were living in a 10,000 BC, how would your typical day will look like?
OK. That's so far 55 ideas and prompts for your blog post.

Start writing blog posts. Good luck. Check out 'Keep Walking' Archives for more.


hybrid756 said…
I like your blog! Consider me subscribed :D

Also, this post gave me this idea as I'm such a fan of blogging, myself :-)

Thanks for the idea!

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