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Do you believe in Ghosts?

That's the exact question I had asked when we were discussing something late night in our hostel rooms. At the University, we had single rooms, but, we used to gather around at the common hall or one of a friend's room to discuss gossips. What happens around the campus, boys and girls, everything under the sun and moon would be discussed till midnight.

In one of the midnights, I asked this question to all of my friends, 'Do you believe in Ghosts?'. Most of them had their stories. Starting with a 'I have not seen personally', but, 'a friend of mine' or 'a relative of mine' or 'a second cousin', they will tell ghost stories. Ghost stories will span for the next 3 or 4 hours. Many of us would fear to go back to our rooms and sleep in one room recounting all the ghost stories and movies we watched.

During a study holiday, when the entire campus was shutdown, students used to go to different places in the campus and study without any disturbances. A few students had gone to an old building to discuss and study. When it reached midnight, exactly at 12 am, there were few distinct voices begin to appear behind the closed doors. All the group went speechless, breathless and could not say anything to each other. The voices are not illusion as all the four of them could clearly hear them. After few minutes, they were at the hostel telling this story to everyone of us. It was around 1 am, and around 50 of us threw our books and began marching towards the old building, very carefully listening if any sound comes from the building. Nothing happened. We returned disappointedly.

Next day night, we were gathered around the old building at 9pm, sat silently - waiting for the clock to strike 12am. Hours gone, minutes gone and at exactly 12:00am, the voices. Now, this time - not 4 or 5 students, but all of us could hear the voices clearly. We could not decipher what the voices conveyed, or which language. But, we were froze to death for that few moments.Few of us went around the building and checked every inch for any human signs. Nope. Then, we started running, screaming to tell the stories to the non-believers at the hostel. On the daytime, we enquired the watchman, security guards - they promised no one has ever lived there for few years. After few days, we stopped going to the old building and stopped using that road.

The story of ghost voices began to fade as we got busy with our exams.

A parting note - Now, if you want to experience the thrill of seeing ghosts, I can not take you to a Old building or a castle, but I can recommend few good movies. I have watched some good scary, ghost movies and these 10 movies gave me a real thrill.I must tell you when yo watch Japanese horror movies, the Hollywood equivalents will look like childish comedies.

1) Ringu (Japanese)

2) Ju-on: The Grudge (Japanese) and Ju-On 2

3) Rinne (Japanese)

4) The Omen (1978)

5) The Exorcist (1973)

6) The Evil Dead (1982)

7) The Sixth Sense

8) Don't Look Now (1983)

9) Psycho (1960)

10) Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Don't mistake me. I was not even born when some of these old movies were released. But, I guess the hollywood film makers have forgotten how to scare people.


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