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60 Most Creative Print Ads (Pictures with Copywriting)

Get to the point
Scholz & Friends, Berlin for N24

Call the experts for any building challenge

Jung von Matt, Hamburg,
to promote a short story competition.

Lego - won the Grand Prix at Cannes 2006.

McCann Erickson for Maggi.
If only women spent less time cooking.

LG&F for Bold, the Belgian Association for Obese Patients
Encourage your children to do more sport.

HP Australia
Recycle computers and printers!

Grab life by the horns

For things with an eye for Assembly
Tamiya Assembly Toys

Threebond super glue: Cup
Quick dry.

Barb's Harley Davidson Motor Cycles: License
Available in "Fast," Balls out" and "License and registration please."

Blues Line: Portrait
A new face for your hair.

O2: Pay & Go

African Cafe: Dinner
The Africa Café is a restaurant situated in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa.

Colgate Dental Floss: Pig
Colgate Dental Floss. Absolutly flawless.

Slice Woman's TV: Dishes
Rated: DTBN
This network may cause you to neglect that deserve to be neglected anyway.
Slice. My vice is slice.

Toyota Land Cruiser: Crocodile
Land Cruiser
Be top of the food chain.

Masterfoods Skittles: Rainbow, 5

Fena Fashion Stores: Girl
Imagine more.

WMF knives: Kiwi

Toys'R'Us: Monument
Everything's toys

Renault Megane: Forest
New Renault Megane. It's dangerous out there.

Thailand Post: William
Dearest Margaret, resembling my love, the red roses. Right at your front door is where my heart lies. There, I have been yearning for your love. Please don't make me wait till I wither like those red roses. With much love, William.
Good memories you won't get from e-mail.

Oscarito video rental: Skeleton
The movie starts, the only place left is in the front row, and right behind you is that annoying kid. That is scary.
Rent a movie. Fear is only on the screen.

The Bridge Of Hope Foundation: Brain
Wipe yourself out.

Olay: Age repellent

Juicy Fruit: Compressed Fun, Sea
Compressed Fun

Sanyo Xacti: Octopus
100% water proof digital movie camera

WWF: Tarzan
15 square kilometer of rain forest disappears every minute.

Salvati Delta: Jacket
Stop hiding behind your indifference.
Save Danube's Delta.

Greenpeace: Frogange
Once you eat, it's already too late.
Demand transgenic labeling now.

Orbite Salon: Brown

Alac: Rugby
Was last night really worth it?
It's not the drinking - It's how we're drinking
Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand

The History Channel: Original Hitler
Unfortunately, we do show repeats.
The History Channel

Vitalab IVF Clinic: Pregnant
When our staff get together, somebody usually gets pregnant.
Not surprising considering that Vitalab is one of South Africa's leading fertility clinics.

Petit Bateau: Game
During their last picnic, Tom, Léo and Lily made 198 changes to this picture.
Can you spot the differences?

CIA Athletica: Woman
Draw your new body.

Zoo Safari: Tiger
Your car has never taken you to a place like this.
No cages. All fun.

Galaxy Radio: Office
Live it.

Utah Office of Tourism: Bryce Canyon
Put the remote down; Slowly step away from the television

CNN Turk: Lightning

Utah Office of Tourism: Lake Powell
Roaming charges will definitely apply

Citta di Torino: Young sex dolls, boy
Who tells the grownups when to stop playing?

Selection Modelmanagement: Band
Talent wanted.

Yázigi English School
Life has no subtitles.

Yázigi English School
Life has no subtitles.

Cargill Salt: Pinch of Love
Add a pinch of love

Ormo Knitting Wool: Wolf
100% Pure Lambswool.

Turns guacamole back into cotton. Ariel: Cotton

Planet Central
for the ad for

We don't mind if people ski. As long as they do it in the water.
Berkeley Snowboards.

Almarai Fresh Juice: Mango India - Because we aspire for the best we have sent our experts to India to choose the best ingredients.
They came back with a big story... (Arabic proverb) And the story is on this pack.

Almarai Fresh Juice: Guava Egypt: Because we aspire for the best we have sent our experts to Egypt to choose the best ingredients.
They came back with a big story... (Arabic proverb) And the story is on this pack.

Olivia Women's Magazine: Heaven is full

There are journeys from which you come back richer.
ICEI - Association for responsible tourism

Don't let smells mix.
Biolyse system refrigerator

Night vision. Now available. -BMW Night Vision: Owl

If you have a good story, people will trust you.
Istropolitana D’Arcy. The Storytelling Agency

Be prepared to see things differently after visiting the Picasso exhibition at the NGV, June 30 to October 8. Mazda - Selling an event and the sponsor.

Apple's spoof Ad against Microsoft's slogan "Where do you want to go tomorrow?"

"The Wrong Working Environment" Campaign (Germany)
Entrant: Scholz & Friends / Berlin Convergence Marketing/Birmingham, MI

Enjoyed it? You can also download this entire collection from my Picasa web album.

60 Best Print Ads (Pictures)


Anonymous said…
I admit it needs brains to make for an intelligent ad which is humourous and good too.

Good one!

I am still laughing remembering some of these! hahA!
Ranjani Ravi said…
Man,thanks a ton for sharing this post!I am bookmarking this one too!
jemma said…
they all were some really creative ads!!! brilliantly done!

thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
Thank You Thiru
Sajju said…
These ads are amazing, just great, it seems they have lot of creativity, lot of thinkning, hats off.

Thankx I got lot of new Ideas from these ads. as a Graphic Designer I will try my best to make things better, attractive and meaningful.
Unknown said…
good collection. some are incredible
As an graphic artist I better enjoy it. Hope in future I see more of it
Anonymous said…
hey uve gt a real nice collection here :) Thanks a lot for sharing it with us
Unknown said…
Thank U Friend.. Realy amazing ads..
Unknown said…
Amazed to see such creativity.. lot more to learn in this small life

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