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What flickr has done to me in these two years?


11th of June, 2005.

The day - I joined flickr. In few days, I would be completing a complete two years.

You may ask what significance these 2 years make in an ordinary person's life. But, a lot for me. I picked up a friend's digicam for the first time in the year 2005. I dont remember what photographs I took in the early days - but they are craps, I would even laugh at my own photos.

My special thanks to Abrar who risked his camera by giving it to me, and Anand, my fellow photographer (a pro in the making), to whom my sincere thanks and also few others who let me try my hands on their cameras. I owe you this success.

Because, I have a free, basic account in flickr - the count of my photos always remain as 200. The last 200 uploaded photos will be visible to public (even to me).

This is a snapshots of how flickr changed my life in these 2 years.

Click on each picture to enlarge (or read more about that photo!) baby years in Flickr / Photography.....

Skyline at Dusk

1. Skyline of Adelaide - One of my earlier flickr uploads.

After few hundred photos, I took these two shots which received good comments and reviews.

Son and Dad

Son and Dad - After say, 1000 photos, I took this 1 to which my friends said, 'ok, this is not too bad!'


Vertigo - The composition is weird, took the viewers by surprise. But, they are just paddle boats from an unusual angle.

Footprints in the Sand

Footprints in Sand - The moment I took it, I knew it would attract flickrites. It has crossed 1400 views.


colors - I purchased few colour pencils and arranged with a white cardboard as the background. This is my first stock photo sold in fotolia.


.....After 1 year in Flickr.....


Peace - this picture brought me into the limelight. This was the first photo of mine featured in Flickr Explore page - still ranking at no.1. It has crossed 2620 views, and 63 flickr users call this as their favourite image.


So far, majority of my subjects have been flowers - just because, they dont move and I can get closer to them.

also another favourite subjects are kids.

Peace means

At the Christmas Pageant

I have also posted some digital paintings that I drew in Photoshop like this one..

Boundless Life!

and surprisingly one of them made it to Explore page as well.

In the meantime, I created a flickr group - named SA Central for South Australian photographers through which I met some amazing photographers made friends and learnt a lot of tips and tricks from them. Now, we are 220 together (and growing!) showcasing more than 5,300 photos of South Australian landscape.

flickrmeet version 3.0

I take this opportunity to thank the members of SA Central who accepted my invites and joined and made a big, loving family. Thanks guys! I need to make a confession now. I created SA Central because, I wanted to see South Australian landscape in pictures (armchair traveller) before, I wanted to travel around for real (what a selfish motive). Now, I have a list of places that are in my must-see, must-photograph wishlist.

OMG..We DID it again!

SA central group has met five times - and I missed two of them (I had to attend to my studies!).

SA Central @ Dinner Table

Then, my friends cooperated well to my photographic appetite by lending their cameras and posing for photos (with lots of patience).

Flying Caps

Flying caps - just after a graduation ceremony.

dil chata hai 2

with friends relaxing


another stock photo shot

i often play with photoshop to present a boring photo in different colours.

for instance, photos from this photo session...

4 People


Unique Group!

tried some abstract shots as well.

Leading by Inspiration

It rains in Adelaide


for some photos, I develop the concept first then shoot (for all others, I shoot then develop a concept, LOL!). For Australia Day, which commemorates the landing of first fleet of 'Australians' on the Sydney beaches, I shot this "Aussie thongs on the beach" theme.

Australia Day wishes!

.....Recently in Flickr.....

Thiru Murugan. Get yours at

Now, my photo stream has been viewed 17,000 times (on an average 25 views per day!), 518 friends (I love and admire their photos!), 10 photos in Flickr Explore.

This is my latest photo (as I write this) on flickr.

Bird in a Cage

After looking back, I now learnt that I did not shoot as many great pictures as some pros have done. But, still I am happy that I am learning day-by-day, watching others - like a baby.

What are you looking at?

What a wonderful world, out there! There's so much to explore (and photograph..LOL!)


Joe said…
your last pictures are amazing.
keep on making great shots

have a good week end
TheMobilePhotog said…
Great writeup.. felt good reading thru ur journey in photography..

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