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How can you generate a Complete A-Z list of your Blog Posts?

Here's a quick way to create a list of all your blog post headings with links to the corresponding posts. It is a nice way to summarize what you have been writing in your blogs.

So, how do you it? Use a free tool available named "Google Sitemap Generator" at Type in your URL and uncheck any thing ticked. Check if you have the "Load from server" on.

Click the green arrow button. Once it is finished collecting all the weblinks from your blog, go to "Sitemap" and save sitemap --> select csv file.

Use a notepad's "Find and Replace" to convert all the lines to the common format blog post title

Thats it - a nice list is ready for you to post in your blog or sidebar or even with

  1. 12 Best Desktop Wallpapers from Flickr
  2. 31 ways to use your blog
  3. 5 Movies I like to watch...
  4. 50 Coolest Websites 2005
  5. A Dream
  6. a mail and few words!
  7. A Poem
  8. A Story: Ant and The Grasshopper
  9. a tamil video
  10. A Welcome Note!
  11. Adelaide Festival of Ideas
  12. Amazon to Yahoo!
  13. American Beauty:Look Closer
  14. Amul Butter Girl
  15. An Inconvenient Truth
  16. And you thought computers are smart!
  17. Another delight!
  18. Anyone listening?
  19. Apples are Falling!
  20. Ashwini and IDP
  21. At last
  22. Attitude!
  23. Aussies..all the way!
  24. Australia ends their World Cup campaign!
  25. Australian Top Stories
  26. B'day Card
  27. Back to School!
  28. Back to School!
  29. Be at the present!
  30. Best Commercials 2004
  31. Big Brother Cut or Uncut?
  32. Birthplace of Blogging!
  33. Blog Day!
  35. Bollywood Dreams
  36. Bonding with James Bond!
  37. Book: The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey
  38. Calling all Adelaide Geeks
  40. Comes the Dawn
  41. Consideration
  42. Cool Climate!
  43. CopyCat Tamil Actors
  44. Corby's Story
  45. Cricket:Business as usual!
  46. Cute Little
  47. Democratising Innovation
  48. Digital Dirtbike
  49. discover AustraliA ver2.0
  50. Do you look for signs?
  51. Dollar vs Rupee
  52. Dont say a word!
  53. Drumstick for the World!
  54. Earth Live!
  55. Eat Breakfast!
  56. End of Internet!
  57. Engineers make this world!
  58. Entrepreneurs Should Eat Bananas
  59. Everything happens for a good reason!
  60. Fahrenheit 9/11
  61. Festival of Ideas Update!
  62. Festival of Lights
  63. Finding Home!
  64. Five Golden Rules of Wealth
  65. Five Tips from Andrew Carnegie
  66. Flickr
  67. Flickr Hacks:5 Tips get into ""Flickr Explore"" page!
  68. Fun:Get Lost!
  69. Funny Story:Just for fun
  70. Future is wild
  71. Getting VISA
  72. Going Green!
  73. Good
  74. Google brings its Maps to Mobile!
  75. Google Philosophy
  76. Google Sightseeing!
  77. Google SMS
  78. Google Trivia!
  79. Google Week!
  80. Google:Looking Closer
  81. Grandmother's Tale
  82. Great Team vs. Great Individuals!
  83. Great things in this world are FREE
  84. Happy Mothers Day
  85. Happy Valentine
  86. Hello from Lionel Richie
  87. How do you change Photo Page Layouts in Flickr?
  88. How Good is your Professor?
  89. How often do you look from the Sky?
  90. How to advertsie in China
  91. How to change the World?
  92. How to fool the Traffic Cameras?
  93. How to get over Internet Addiction?
  94. How to kill Google?
  95. How to think Creatively?
  96. I am a snake. What are you?
  97. I am blessed by angels!
  98. I like slide!
  99. I love cooking
  100. I prefer Snail Mails!
  101. Independence Day Poll - Results
  102. Independence Day Poll!
  103. India on Top!
  104. India: Space Giant
  105. Information: Who wants it?
  106. International Women's Day
  107. Irritating Humour
  108. IT Facts and Trends
  109. It is Zen!
  110. It's London for 2012 Olympics!
  111. Jet Laaaag!
  112. Known is a drop.. an Australia!
  113. Life of Pi: An Incredible Journey!
  114. Look up and smile
  115. Lotus
  116. love all and live happy
  117. Map in your palm!
  118. MAXImum Retail Price
  119. Media Stories in Australia/India
  120. Memento - Exceptional!
  121. Merry Christmas
  122. Microsoft vs. Adobe?
  123. More than Desert Continent
  124. Mr. President!
  125. My bet is on Australia!
  126. My Favourite Poem!
  127. My Glenelg Trip
  128. My quest to create a world map
  129. My Top 10 Women
  130. My visit to Victor Harbour
  131. Nobel for 1000 women!
  132. Now Poms
  133. Obsessive & Compulsive
  134. Once upon a time: The 'G' Story
  135. One Minute Movies!
  136. Perfect Lover
  137. Perfect Lover : Annoyance
  138. Personalize or Perish!
  139. Philippines friends
  140. Photographer Of The Year
  141. Playing at the edge of AI
  142. Plunge into Blue Ocean!
  143. Polymer Currencies
  144. Potential Singapore!
  145. Quotable Quote
  146. Reaching Adeliade!
  147. Reading and Myself!
  148. Reading Web Tea Leaves
  149. Research@Yahoo Labs
  150. Rice is Life!
  151. Royal Adelaide Show
  152. Sachin
  153. Sania on Time!
  154. Say NO to polythene bags; Get 5% discount
  155. Searching for a Domain
  156. Searching the Future!
  157. See
  158. Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
  159. Shane Warne on a spin!
  160. Some Pictures
  161. South Australia - Great
  162. Start Cooking!
  163. Stem Cell Research: Will India get a Nobel ?
  164. Story #1. Change IT
  165. Story #2: Help Others!
  166. Ten Worst Corporations of 2004
  167. Thank You!
  168. The Art of Living...
  169. The Calf-Path
  170. The Death of English Cricket
  171. The F1 fever
  172. The Ghost and the Darkness
  173. The Journey Begins!
  174. The Lord of the Kings!
  175. The Match of Run-Outs
  176. The Millionaire Mind
  177. The NOKIA revolution!
  178. The Restless Gemini: Your Birthdate
  179. Think
  180. Think Different!
  181. Think of Indian Children
  182. Think of something!
  183. This is my blog!
  184. Timeless
  185. Today's Story: From Stanford!
  186. Top Strategies for Successful Job hunting
  187. Travelling to Kandahar!
  188. Twins - A Parable
  189. Video Fun!
  190. Visiting Ganesha!
  191. Voluntary Student Unionism
  192. Waiting for Harry Potter!
  193. Walk With Me
  194. Wanna Debate?
  195. Want to know about you?
  196. Want to read your Favourite Blogs?
  197. Watching a Movie:Aussie style
  198. Wedding Window
  199. What a shame!
  200. What did you learn?
  201. What Don't We Know?: 125 Questions
  202. What Edison told?
  203. What Greg Chappell can do?
  204. What is meant by Tautology?
  205. What will be my Name?
  206. What will make an Ethiopian happy?
  207. What's this Australia?
  208. Where will you look?
  209. Who do you have?
  210. Why Google TV is not a hoax?
  211. Will this happen in India
  212. Yahoo Answers Features
  213. Year of Einstein 2005


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கல் தோன்றி, மண் தோன்றா

  “கல்  தோன்றி,  மண் தோன்றா காலத்தே முன் தோன்றிய மூத்தகுடி தமிழ்க் குடி”  இந்த Punch  Dialogue-ஐ  சொல்லி ஆரம்பிக்கப்பட்டு, கைதட்டல் வாங்கிய தமிழ்ப்  பேச்சுகள் தமிழ் மேடைப் பேச்சு வரலாற்றில் மூவாயிரம் கோடியே முன்னூற்று முப்பத்து மூணு இருக்கும்.   முனைவர் கண்ணபிரான் ரவிசங்கர் (கரச) எழுதிய ‘ அறியப்படாத தமிழ்மொழி ’ என்னும் புத்தகத்தை  படிக்கும்வரை நானும் ஏதோ ஒரு புலவர்  பிற்காலத்தில் வரப்போற, ‘ஓங்கி அடிச்சா  ஒன்றரை டன்ன்னுடா’க்கு கைதட்டி குதுகலிக்கும் தமிழ் மக்களுக்கு புகழ்ச்சி புடிக்கும்ன்னு இதை எழுதி வைச்சிட்டு போயிட்டாரோன்னு கடந்து போயிருக்கேன்.   அதெப்படி? கல்,  மண் தோன்றுமுன்னே தமிழ்க் குடிமக்கள் பிறந்து விட்டார்களா? இல்ல, தமிழ் மொழி மற்ற மொழிகளை  விட அவ்வளவு பழமையானதா? ன்னு  ஆராய்ச்சி செஞ்சு புத்தகத்தின் முதல் கட்டுரையாக  எழுதி இருக்கார் கரச (   சரி,  எங்கே  இருந்து வந்தது இந்த இரண்டு வரிகள்? ஐயனாரிதனர் என்பவர் எழுதிய புறப்பொருள் வெண்பா மாலை என்ற இலக்கண நூலில் வரும் பாடல்தான் அது.  பொய் அகல, நாளும் புகழ் விளைத்தல் என் வியப்பாம்?  வையகம் போர்த்த, வயங்கு ஒலிநீ