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22 Weird Signboards (fresh and funny)

Here is the collection of some weird signs that I found at flickr. Enjoy the fresh and funny images. It took me 2 days to find proper licensed photos and for asking the photographers if they haven't had the proper creative commons license.

For your eyes only!

1. A sign in the bathroom at the Seaport restaurant, Tel Aviv, Israel. (Credits: smcgee )

2. Found in a traffic signal, New Delhi, India (Credits:Artiii)

3. Spotted at Pier 39 in San Francisco (Credits:AMagill)

4. Near a K-Mart outlet (Credits:Cosmic Kitty)

5. Not a lot of other options here! (Credits:SleepingBear)

6. Umm..what? (Credits:«DreamwizarD»)

7. after..dying..what? (Credits:Skip The Budgie)

8. You wont survive anyway (Credits: christophe mallet)

9. Cockroaches catch Cancer (Credits:Skip The Budgie)

10. You are Noticed (Credits: christophe mallet)

11. security (Credits: Coda2)

12. Jesus doesn't (Credits: dennysmagikland)

13. Not here, pig (Credits: thecrazyhorse)

14. Take them if you like (Credits: akeg)

15. Sharp edge sign (Credits: Liss the Great)

16. Just for fun.. dont think real! (Credits: BabyGirL)

17. We dont serve 6 days (Credits: allspice1)

18. Ouch, that will hurt (Credits: tyrian123)

19. Oh man, say one thing (Credits: seekaltroutes)

20. Dog talk (Credits: kk+)

21. You dare not (Credits: tyger_lyllie)

22. Notice, one duckling is flying (Credits: janet)


Unknown said…
Hii, that was a lovely post, very entertaining and interesting. Great job!! Do peep into my blog too!!Cheers!!Carol
Sean McKnight said…
You can obviously see some of those are computer generated, and others are fake.
Anonymous said…
the one of the dog speak isn't. i live in north vancouver, and i walk past several every day. there are other ones that say

To Do;
Pick up kids after school.
Pick up milk at the store.
Pick up after your dog.

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