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50 Beautiful and Stunning Pictures from Air

Yann Arthus-Bertrand is photographer from France. What makes him so special is his aerial photos. He produces stunning aerial photos taken from air, from small planes and hot-air balloons. You can have a few glimpses of this exhibition that presents the astonishing beauty of natural and man-made landscapes... I love it!
(click on any photo to enlarge it!)

Heart in Voh, New Caledonia (French Overseas Territory) (20°56' S, 164°39' E)

Buren’s Columns, the Palais-Royal, Paris, France (N 48°51'-E 2°21')

Well at Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh, India (27°06' N, 77°40' E)

Kochis nomads at the north of Kaboul, Afghanistan (34°40’ N – 69°10’ E)

Refugees camp northwest of Kukës, near Tirana, Albania (N 42°08' E 20°22')

Mausoleum's ruins of the Christian necropolis of Tipaza, Wilaya of Tipaza, Algeria (36°35’N - 2°30’E)

Icebergs and Adélie penguins, Adélie Land, Antarctica (South Pole) (66°00' S, 141°00' E)

Tea cultivation in Corrientes province, Argentina (27°50' S, 56°01' W)

Whale off the Valdés peninsula, Argentina (42°23' S, 64°29' W)

Cattle crossing the Chimehuin river, Neuquén province, Argentina (40°03' S, 71°04' W)

Flight of condor on the valley Encantada (magic valley), in the province of Neuquén, Argentina (39°00' S – 70°00' W)

Water falls of Iguazú, Misiones province, Argentina (25°41' S – 54°26' W)

Flock of sheep, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina (54°14’ S, 68°04’ W)

Mar del Plata beach, Buenos Aires province, Argentina (37°56' S – 57°43' W)

Perito Moreno Glacier, Santa Cruz, Argentina (50°28' S, 73°03' W)

Garni Temple overhanging the Azad throats, province of Kotaïk, Armenia (40°06’ N – 44°43’ W)

Sand dune in the heart of vegetation on Fraser island, Queensland, Australia (25°15' S, 153°10' E)

Bowling Green Bay National Park, south of Townsville, Queensland, Australia (S 19°28'-E 147°14')

Uranium mine in Kakadu national park, Northern territory, Australia (12°41' S, 132°53' E)

Mount Trafalgar, Prince Regent nature reserve, West Kimberley, Australia (15°16' S, 125°03' E)

Flooded houses, South of Dhaka, Bangladesh (23°21' N, 90°31’ E)

The industrial port of Antwerp, Belgium (51°13’N – 4°25’E)

Funicular ascencor with barges of Strépy-Thieu on the channel of the Center, Belgium.

Elephants in the delta of Okavango, Botswana (19°26' S – 23°03' E)

Detail of a building in São Paulo, Brazil (S 23°32' W 46°37')

Herd of Zebu near Cáceres, Mato Grosso do Norte, Brazil (16°05' S, 57°40' W)

Storm over the Amazon rainforest, Amazonas State, Brazil (2°00' S, 64°00' W)

São Paulo University swimming pool, São Paulo, Brazil (S 23°32'-W 46°37')

Autumn forest in the region of Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada (47°40' N, 71°02' W)

Nunavut territory, landscape of ice, Canada (75°57' N, 92°28' W)

Village on the north shore of Lake Chad, Chad (13°28' N, 14°43' E)

Worker resting on bales of cotton, Thonakaha, Korhogo, Ivory Coast (9°28' N, 5°36' W)

Crowd in Abengourou, Ivory Coast (6°44' N, 3°29' W)

Dome of the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast (6°49' N, 5°17' W)

Middelgrunden offshore wind farm, near Copenhagen, Denmark (55°40' N, 12°38' E)


Herd of goats among the chimneys of Lake Abbé, Djibouti (11°06' N, 41°50' E)

Somewhere in Djibouti

Agricultural landscape near Quito, Ecuador (0°13' S, 78°30' W)

Small boats caught in water hyacinths on the Nile, Egypt (29°43' N, 31°15' E)

Pigeon houses at Mit Gahmr (Delta), Egypt (30°42' N – 31°16' E)

Road interrupted by a sand dune, Nile Valley, Egypt (25°22' N, 30°23' E)

“Love Parade” in Tiergarten Park, Berlin, Germany (52°31' N, 13°25' E)

Old town of Sana’a, Yemen



Yankee Stadium, New York City, United States (40°49' N, 73°55' W)

Young basketball player at Torrance Cornerstone elementary school, Los Angeles, California, United States (33°49' N, 118°20' W)

Tractor in a field near Bozeman, Montana, United States (N 45°40'-W 111°02')

Cotton drying with the sun at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India (26°55' N – 75°49' E)

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Earth from Air

You may visit these websites to know more about this photographer.


Anonymous said…

Thanks for visiting, I think it's been long! :)

And also for giving the first comment on my flickr photographs. :) :)

So, how's life at ur end? Hope it's good and ur studies r fine too.
am fine.

see u!
Anonymous said…
and these pictures r definitely stunning! I mean very nicely shot with amazing angles!

bricks said…
amazing photos. Awesome, I'd say. And you have collected them so well.
Sephyroth said…
Wow! Those are some great photos!

Snoskred said…
Wow, I'm adding this to my weekly wrap up post as one to look at. Visually stunning, fantastic, thanks for posting it!

Professor Matt said…
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